100 Day Project Part IV

Moving on with more portraits…This time I decided to add a little more to each photo. Since it’s been such a privilege to photograph every single person for this project, I wanted to honor them by saying something extra about them. Most people here are not my family or super close friends (although some certainly are J), a few are complete strangers, but I believe that there is always something kind we can say about another person, even people we have just met.

So here it is, hope you guys are enjoying this series as much as I am. And as always, big thank you to those who have so far let me capture their portrait with my camera.


Allie – Meraki
West Palm Beach, FL

Allie told me that meraki has to do with soul, creativity or love…When you leave a piece of yourself in what your are doing. I absolutely love that. Allie is definitely a unique person who loves to express herself through body ink. She had some wonderful tattoos and I photographed her with those as well.


Chau Chau – Quirky
Sanibel Island, FL

Chau Chau is one of the funnest people I know. She is established in her career, but keeps her inner child alive. You cannot be bored next to her.

Amy – Efficient
Delray Beach, FL

There are so many more words I could use to describe Amy, but this is what she gave me without too much hesitation. Amy is a beautiful, intelligent and laid back person whom I am extremely lucky to have met and call a friend. We share the same love for travel and volunteer work and I sincerely hope we stay close even if she moves away. She is definitely going places in life.




Tony – Connected
Fort Myers, FL

Tony is a totally laid back dude whom I met through family. He currently lives in California, but is planning to become a Floridian soon and I sure hope I’ll get to see him more often.

Natasha – Loyal
West Palm Beach, FL


Natasha is so beautiful and exudes calmness all around, despite the chaos of our working environment. She chose the word loyal and I must say I recently found out how accurate that description is. I am extremely glad she is my coworker and I’m grateful for her calm disposition and hard work.



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