100 Day Project Part III

100 Day Portrait Projects continues 🙂 I still have several more photographs to share with you guys and I am still taking new ones from time to time, just not on every day basis. I actually like it better this way, as by spreading the project over a longer period of time, I got to shoot in different places in the USA and abroad. I would not have had the chance to do that if I was rushed to finish everything in all hundred consecutive days.

Since I started the project and started posting and sharing the images, I have had a few people ask me to become a part of it. That made me incredibly happy and humbled at the same time. I feel very thankful to be able to take portraits of each and every one of you and I hope the resultant work has made you as happy as it made me.

It has been very important for me to portray each person as their best self. This project has not so much been about creating world renowned images, but about making the best and most authentic portrait of each person photographed. By authentic I don’t necessarily mean caught in the moment of eating a giant burger with grease dripping down their face LOL…By authentic I mean showing every person at their best while preserving how they truly are.

I hope at least in that I have not failed.


Here are the next five…

Elizabeth (my mom) – Kind
Beacon, New York
Hannah – Tenacious
West Palm Beach, FL
Danielle – Energetic
West Palm Beach, FL
Katie – Stubborn
Delray Beach, FL
Rich – Annoyed
West Palm Beach, FL

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