On photographing people (Part II)

Since I have actually acquired quite a number of people portraits over the years, I wanted to share some more with everyone on this blog. I noted that my previous entry was received very well and I cannot be more excited about that. You guys have given me more motivation to continue shooting travel portraits and people in general and as we are nearing the end of the current year, I have started writing down some travel goals for 2017. I’m secretly hoping to return to Nicaragua to shoot some additional photos for Empowerment International, I want to do another trip with The Giving Lens, I want to travel to an unexpected location that definitely puts me out of my personal and photographic comfort zone…After all, this is how we grow as individuals, isn’t it? By doing things that are a little uncomfortable and a little scary, but at the same time exciting and unscrupulous?

And in all these plans, I hope to elevate my photography to an even higher level. That is my goal. To shoot more. To travel more. To push myself more. To do the unexpected, the un-ordinary. To not let fear, anxiety and uncertainty stand in my way.

And the same I wish for all of you, wherever you may be 🙂

Manaslu region, Nepal
Manaslu region, Nepal
Best friends, San Pedro Sula, Honduras
School is out, Kathmandu, Nepal
Manaslu region, Nepal
San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Jaipur, India
Manaslu region, Nepal
Beautiful Centennial, Honduras
Santa Anna, Nicaragua
San Nicolas Copan, Honduras
School bus, Kathmandu, Nepal
Friendship is key, Honduras

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